Restaurant Review : Olives Restaurant, Sindhubhavan Road

I had heard a lot about this place through various sources so decided to visit the place on a rainy evening with few friends.

It was a Sunday evening. I guess they had some kind of party going on ( may be they have the same ambiance every evening but it was too noisy) : minus point 1

After getting table, the waiter gave us menu card, good. But then had to ask for a basic thing, water. And this was not only just on arrival, I had to ask for water for several times throughout the evening. Just for the taste we had ordered American Pizza. But after tasting the bitter taste of the service n poor management we asked the manager to cancle the order. For which the manager told us that if possible he’d cancel the order, but then he did not even consider it as a good idea to inform us that it was not possible to cancel the order. On this when ordered pizza came n we said we had cancelled the ordered the Maitre De of our part started a fight with us stating that the manager is not responsible to answer us! Minus Point : 2

Coming to food. We ordered Sopa de Tortilla first. It was way too sweet ( Had they used Tomato Ketchup as base?) Then Masala Papad. It is a very basic food item, no rocket science in that but still the topings were not finely chopped. As starter we had Vegetable Lollipop. Trust me it was the best thing we had had throughout the evening. For main course we had ordered Paneer Patiyala, which somehow took 45 mins to get prepared (in this duration we finished onion platter and achar!). Taste wise it was ok, nothing great.

Quantity of the subji was not sufficient for more than 2 people. Seeing which we ordered Paneer Lababdar, which had gravy made with chopped garlic n li’l tomato (hopefully!), paneer was raw or not properly cooked which gave the subji a really odd taste. Which gives us minus point 3.

Seriously guys! Kya sapne dekhe the, kya mila! Really very disapointing!


Review : Southern India, Science City Road, Ahmedabad

Southern India, a really authentic south Indian joint, owned by South Indian Brother duo.

Southern India

The place is really spacious, having more openness and hence less waiting time than the other trending South Indian restaurant – Dakshinayan.

The service is quick and nice, making your time there really enjoyable.

The food is amazing, we ordered butter Idli (Great!), Mendu wada(nice), Rasam Bonda(Nice! – Rasam was tangy and tasty!), Rava onion Dosa (Good), Special Spring Dosa (Nice and filling), Tomato Rice (Awesome!), Rava Kesri (Good!) and Filter Kaapi (The best in my life so far!)

All in all, great place to be with family.

Review : Deeana

We had saw this place somewhere in 2012 (Yes, two years back) and had planned to visit it sometime. So finally, this ‘sometime’ came on last Saturday. It was a rainy evening in Ahmedabad  and felt lazy to cook, so decided to have this ‘long planned’ visit.

It is a small place, with not more than ten tables. And since the place it small, you feel even a little noise too much, ending up making the place noisy.

Coming to the sitting arrangement, it was a sofa+chair arrangement. Chairs were really comfortable where sofas are totally opposite to that.

Service, really nice and prompt. The stewards knew what is served in what dish.

Food, just two words: Simply amazing.
We had ordered Jalapenos and Cheese Soup (Top Notch), Sweet Corn Soup (Nice), Potli Kebabs (Really awesome),  Baked Macroni with Pineapple (Nice), Soofiana Achari Vegetable (Great!), Smokey Adrakhi Paneer(Amazing!), Hari mirch ki Roti (Do Try this if you can bear the heat), Basil-Olive Naan (Good) and Butter Roti-Paratha. Also had Sizzling Brownie and Mud Brownie in dessert, both were good.

All in all, it was an amazing experience!

Review : Melt-In

After seeing so many amazingly yummy ads in news paper, we decided to visit Melt-in (for the second time). For the first visit it was just me and my hubby dearest, for the second time the whole family of four went for an amazing, delicious dessert as it was a Friday Night. And my my, it was indeed a delicious evening.

We tried Chocolate-Orange Popsicle, White Chocolate and Mango Popsicle, Roasted Almond Gelato and Of course, the star of the evening, Tiramisu. Those glasses in their display were literally telling me, ‘Pick me up!’, so I could not resist but pick one of them up.
Tiramisu_Melt in
All the four items were amazingly awesome. Next time I’m gonna try the cheesecake or the meter cake. – Review

Few months back, I heard about the then new ‘place’ that serves you salads. Since then I wanted to try LoveForSalad . I was unable to try so because of various reasons like they do not serve you for dinner or the girls in my office were not in mood of our regular ‘Bahar ka Khana’ event. Finally, today we had that ‘event’ at office and I convinced all of them to have one of the combos from LFS. Trust me it was worth convincing them.

First of all, about the idea: Totally innovative. Ahmedabad is a place for foodies, and some of them are health conscious too (all of them are not like me! :-O), so a company that serves you healthy food must be an instant hit

Food: I ordered Mexican Layered Combo. The Combo contained Mexican Layered Salad with Tomato-Olive Canopy and Water Melon Juice. Salad was Excellent, with layers of cabbage, spring onions, tomato slices, Beans and cheese. Each layer having its own taste and not getting mixed with next layer. Canopy was a nice change in regular biting, with awesome taste of Cherry Tomatoes and Olives and cheese, true to their FIFA world cup theme, along with mint chutney. Water melon juice- totally fresh and No Added Sugar, yummy it was. The combo also had something that was like Methi Khakhra, as per their website I think it was the health disc. It was a nice ‘cross’ between Methi Khakhra and Methi Thepla. Over all, I totally enjoyed my lunch today

Packaging: Amazing way to serve people. They served me my combo in a box, along with a pair of wooden cutlery (Spoon and Fork), my food, a pack of mouth freshener – containing Kishmish and of course Paper Napkin.

Value for money: Not so on high side as it may look; I think it is O.K. to pay this much once in a while…


Over all an amazing experience, I’d give it 4.5/5 (0.5 for not having an outlet yet)