Restaurant Review : Olives Restaurant, Sindhubhavan Road

I had heard a lot about this place through various sources so decided to visit the place on a rainy evening with few friends.

It was a Sunday evening. I guess they had some kind of party going on ( may be they have the same ambiance every evening but it was too noisy) : minus point 1

After getting table, the waiter gave us menu card, good. But then had to ask for a basic thing, water. And this was not only just on arrival, I had to ask for water for several times throughout the evening. Just for the taste we had ordered American Pizza. But after tasting the bitter taste of the service n poor management we asked the manager to cancle the order. For which the manager told us that if possible he’d cancel the order, but then he did not even consider it as a good idea to inform us that it was not possible to cancel the order. On this when ordered pizza came n we said we had cancelled the ordered the Maitre De of our part started a fight with us stating that the manager is not responsible to answer us! Minus Point : 2

Coming to food. We ordered Sopa de Tortilla first. It was way too sweet ( Had they used Tomato Ketchup as base?) Then Masala Papad. It is a very basic food item, no rocket science in that but still the topings were not finely chopped. As starter we had Vegetable Lollipop. Trust me it was the best thing we had had throughout the evening. For main course we had ordered Paneer Patiyala, which somehow took 45 mins to get prepared (in this duration we finished onion platter and achar!). Taste wise it was ok, nothing great.

Quantity of the subji was not sufficient for more than 2 people. Seeing which we ordered Paneer Lababdar, which had gravy made with chopped garlic n li’l tomato (hopefully!), paneer was raw or not properly cooked which gave the subji a really odd taste. Which gives us minus point 3.

Seriously guys! Kya sapne dekhe the, kya mila! Really very disapointing!


Review : Southern India, Science City Road, Ahmedabad

Southern India, a really authentic south Indian joint, owned by South Indian Brother duo.

Southern India

The place is really spacious, having more openness and hence less waiting time than the other trending South Indian restaurant – Dakshinayan.

The service is quick and nice, making your time there really enjoyable.

The food is amazing, we ordered butter Idli (Great!), Mendu wada(nice), Rasam Bonda(Nice! – Rasam was tangy and tasty!), Rava onion Dosa (Good), Special Spring Dosa (Nice and filling), Tomato Rice (Awesome!), Rava Kesri (Good!) and Filter Kaapi (The best in my life so far!)

All in all, great place to be with family.

Review : Deeana

We had saw this place somewhere in 2012 (Yes, two years back) and had planned to visit it sometime. So finally, this ‘sometime’ came on last Saturday. It was a rainy evening in Ahmedabad  and felt lazy to cook, so decided to have this ‘long planned’ visit.

It is a small place, with not more than ten tables. And since the place it small, you feel even a little noise too much, ending up making the place noisy.

Coming to the sitting arrangement, it was a sofa+chair arrangement. Chairs were really comfortable where sofas are totally opposite to that.

Service, really nice and prompt. The stewards knew what is served in what dish.

Food, just two words: Simply amazing.
We had ordered Jalapenos and Cheese Soup (Top Notch), Sweet Corn Soup (Nice), Potli Kebabs (Really awesome),  Baked Macroni with Pineapple (Nice), Soofiana Achari Vegetable (Great!), Smokey Adrakhi Paneer(Amazing!), Hari mirch ki Roti (Do Try this if you can bear the heat), Basil-Olive Naan (Good) and Butter Roti-Paratha. Also had Sizzling Brownie and Mud Brownie in dessert, both were good.

All in all, it was an amazing experience!

Street Food of Ahmedabad

Pani puri, Ragda patis, Bhel puri, chutney puri, sev puri, pav bhaji, vada pav, dabeli, Chinese (or chineez), and what not!! Yes – this time we are going to talk about street food. India is a land where unity blends in diversity, and food is a perfect example of it. At least, yours truly loves eating on the streets and consists it a fundamental right (just like you have to visit Lal Quila when you go to Delhi) J. A common misconception with street food is that there are limited varieties, and it is always cheap. Nowadays, at least in Ahmedabad, I can list out several joints where the cost is equal to restaurants and food even better.

If you talk of the west, Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad are hubs for street food. In fact, there are multiple “khau galis” in Ahmedabad, where there are hawkers and food wagons dedicated to street food. In the last 3 years of so, a modern “khau gali” has developed near Gujarat University, on the road where A.G High School & CEPT University are located. At least 10 food wagons are present here every evening serving Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Indian-punjabi food and what not! Here, you are likely to find creamy pasta, albeit cooked a little Indian style. The prices are not low, but not very expensive either. You can have your tummy stuffed with yummy pasta, enchiladas and a taco platter served on roadside at approx. Rs. 175-200 per person. On the opposite end, you have the H.L. college road with multiple vendors, including the famous Shambhu serving coffee and sandwiches.

Just like students of H.L. College and CEPT University, students of GLS College are well versed with “Lucky sandwich”. There are at least 10 hawkers / lorry walas on the GLS college road serving sandwiches, pizzas, dabelis with name “Lucky Sandwich”. You’d also find few corn hawkers in same area, they serve you boiled corn with various flavors like cheese, Garlic, and butter as well as Corn on the Cob.

Talking about street food, pani-puri, which is famous since ages, now has a twist in the place. There are many places in Ahmedabad that serve pani-puri with not one, but 5-7 flavors of water, including garlic flavor, hajma hajam, pudina & tomato, etc. There are many Pani-puri hawkers in the city, but there are few places which are all time favorite, like Agrawal Panipuri at Law-Garden is one them for the traditional Pani-puri, for the flavored Pani-Puri Devnarayan Pani-puri has more than one stall all around the city.

And how can we forget the old anda-gali (egg lane) near Paldi, with hawkers teeming with egg items. The most famous “anda ni lariwalla” although still remains the one outside NID. Egg curry, half-fry, omelette, bhurji, boiled egg, and more varieties served with combination of butter, cheese and bread are extremely popular.

Nowadays, tradition similar to North India / Delhi is visible in Ahmedabad, as there are many vendors serving chole – kulcha and pindi chana on the streets. On C.G. road, just before Swastik cross-roads there is a lorry that serves pindi chana Amritsari style with freshly baked kulchas.


If you are thinking that amdavadis are not aware of north-eastern street food then well, you are wrong. These days you can find Momo kiosk all around the city, mostly by the name “Momoman”, by a famous Momo shop in Vastrapu area. Apart from this, Paldi area has a nice, cozy café-like ‘place’ for momos, owned by a Tibetan family, named “Amdos kitchen”, but this place is open when Mr. Amdo is in town, that is from September to February or March.

For non-veggies, you can try the hawkers in the old city near Jamapur or Behrampur that serve variety of kebabs, mutton, chicken in tandoori and gravy flavors. However, non-veg street food is not that popular in Ahmedabad.

A relatively unexplored street food type option for traditional Amdavadis is the dhaba joints on S.G. highway, when you near Gandhinagar. Here, you can have the best of Kathiawadi food (ringan no olo, bajra rotla with makhan, sev tameta, khichdi), plus mouth watering dal bati. Rajasthan ki bhavna (Gota cross roads) & Shivshakti dhaba (Near Nirma University) are popular places.

Apart from these places, Manekchowk and Law Garden are age old food streets that people visit ‘religiously’. There are people around the world, originally from Ahmedabad, actually visiting their hometown just to visit their favorite Dosa place or Chaat Place of Manekchowk or Law Garden!

All in all, if you are a street food lover, and visiting Ahmedabad, then we advise you to keep at least 3 days or nights for trying most of these places! 😀